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We’re always on the move, pushing boundaries and making life better for everyday citizens.

Aguirre & Fields Announces New Associates

Articles | November 9, 2022

Aguirre & Fields is pleased to announce the addition of two new associates: Mahsa Arastoo, P.E., Sugar Land Structures Team Lead Alex Garcia, P.E., PTOE, RSP1, Fort Worth Roadway Team […]

Armendariz Uses GIS Analysis, Drones to Improve Aguirre & Fields’ Client Services

Articles | October 26, 2022

The Aguirre & Fields Planning and Program Management Group recently added Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis to its repertoire in what we can offer clients in municipalities throughout Texas and […]

Community Outreach: It’s Personal at Aguirre & Fields

Articles | September 28, 2022

Since Aguirre & Fields’ inception, community impact and involvement have defined our culture and approach, as we strive to do what’s right for people in communities throughout Oklahoma and Texas. […]

Breaking Bridges at the 2022 Street Olympics

Articles | August 22, 2022

Kids from Harris County Precinct One had a blast breaking Aguirre & Fields balsa wood bridges at the 2022 Street Olympics Annual Bright Futures Fair!

Aguirre & Fields Names Cyndi Carle Director of Water Resources

Articles | August 17, 2022

Aguirre & Fields, a leading engineering company in Texas and Oklahoma, is pleased to announce Cyndi Carle, P.E., CFM as the director of water resources. “As director of water resources, […]

Creating Good for Communities Throughout Oklahoma

Articles | July 21, 2022

Our OKC team explains how Aguirre & Fields serves communities to improve safety, enhance mobility, and implement resilient solutions to improve life for everyday citizens throughout Oklahoma.

Seward Junction Southeast Alleviates Traffic Through Flexible Approach

Articles | May 26, 2022

Project Manager Dave Lubitz, P.E., Deputy Project Manager Taryn Ficke, EIT, Lead Structural Engineer Dawn Esche, P.E., and Roadway Engineer Ross DeBord, P.E. utilized a flexible design approach to serve […]

Aguirre & Fields Names Moczygemba Dir. of Planning & Program Mgmt

Articles | April 27, 2022

Aguirre & Fields, a leading engineering company in Texas and Oklahoma, is excited to announce Jennifer Moczygemba, P.E. as the Director of Planning and Program Management. “Planning and Program Management […]

Logan Bridge Connects Communities, Increases Public Safety

Articles | April 18, 2022

Project Manager Taryn Ficke, EIT, Lead Structural Engineer Ryan J. Williams, P.E., Supporting Structural Engineer Alex Sommer, EIT and a local area resident explain how the Logan Connection Project bridges […]

Supporting Communities through Meaningful Impact

Articles | March 14, 2022

Project Managers Dan Simeone, P.E., ENV SP, Oscar Aguirre, P.E., Mahsa Arastoo, P.E., Aaron DeBord, P.E., Nazeer Ahmed, P.E., and Craig Hutson, P.E. explain how Aguirre & Fields’ diversity of […]