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About Us

Aguirre & Fields is united by a passion to serve communities where we live and work. We began as a bridge firm over 20 years ago, but today we’re bridging the gap between traditional engineering and servant-leadership.
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Who We Are

We are Aguirre & Fields. We are engineering innovators. We focus on building partnerships over building projects, first by identifying emerging communities with long-range needs and next by reimagining solutions for these communities for planning, transportation, construction engineering inspection, and civil engineering services.

Founders Oscar Aguirre and Richard Fields laid the foundation for a unique company culture focused on strong character, service and bettering communities. Our projects are designed with precision and built strong, considering a community’s needs 10, 20, or even 50 years from now.

With over 20 years of experience, we’re proud to be engineering innovators entrusted by communities across Texas and Oklahoma to create and implement solutions that make life better for everyday citizens.

“Aguirre & Fields is a successful company because of the contributions each individual employee makes every day. Our goal is to maintain the strong character focus and family-friendly work environment that was put in place back in the early days of our company.”
Oscar Aguirre CEO


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Our Leadership

With strong leadership, our engineering practices push the boundaries of what’s possible, allowing Aguirre & Fields to use forward thinking to benefit communities for many decades to come.

Purpose & Vision

Aguirre & Fields exists to serve our communities.

  • We lead.
  • We do the right thing.
  • We innovate.

We do this for a sustainable tomorrow.

We aspire to be entrusted by our communities to

  • provide infrastructure solutions
  • enhance quality of life, and
  • promote prosperity and growth.

By 2028, we will be entrusted by 12 communities and will impact 35 million people per day.

Our Culture

Have you ever heard of an engineering company so passionate about serving communities that it would sacrifice its own gain to do what’s right for the people in that community? There are over 1,400 engineering firms in Texas and Oklahoma, but none like us. We’re Aguirre & Fields.

Our strong company culture promotes low employee turnover, resulting in engineering leaders involved on every project from start to finish. Transparency and inclusivity from the top down create an environment of constant learning and innovation.

What’s it like to work for us?
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