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Our Culture

Have you ever heard of an engineering company so passionate about serving communities that it would sacrifice its own gain to do what’s right for the people in that community? There are over 1,400 engineering firms in Texas and Oklahoma, but none like us.

We’re Aguirre & Fields.
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What We’re About

Commitment to Community

We are committed to serving the communities where we live and work. Whether we are helping to bring public awareness for a bond, volunteering at a fundraiser or charity event, or helping with community programs, we are determined to see communities grow and flourish, making them a better place to live and work.



We encourage employees to provide educational opportunities to introduce K-12 students to engineering, and to strengthen the skills and talents of college students. We serve as mentors in the civil engineering program at UT Austin, attend career days at secondary schools across Texas & Oklahoma, and participate in the Harris County Street Olympics. We have a true passion for cultivating the next generation of engineers.

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Leadership and Professional Development

We serve our employees through personal and professional development, encouraging growth through internal lunch & learn sessions, conferences, and training. Our employees are also active and serve in leadership roles with ACEC, ASCE, and SEAoT.

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We are strongest together. We provide activities that foster trust and collaboration. We create a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone feels valued and included. We have one project: our company.

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Our Leadership

Aguirre & Fields exists to provide our communities with leaders who have grit and character, leveraging the innovations of today to build a sustainable tomorrow.

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