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We are unified by service. We start from the inside out by hiring people we respect and trust, and this culture extends beyond our doors and into the job field.
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You invest long hours in classes, labs, and studying during your time at college, working to be the best you can be in your discipline. We here at Aguirre & Fields want you to be successful. We make it a priority to recruit future graduates who want more than just a job. We want you to be excited about your future. We want you to be excited about serving communities and making a difference. Aguirre & Fields provides a workplace where graduates expand on their education, are challenged with hands-on experience, and work on important projects in the communities where we live and work.

From Interns to Full Time Employees

Aguirre & Fields provides a welcoming environment where I feel comfortable learning & developing as a young engineer. The value placed on character quality is why I chose to stay at this firm, because I truly believe the core success of a company begins with its people.
Quan Ha, EIT
As I witness the atmosphere and community that the leadership at Aguirre & Fields continue to develop here, verses other workplaces I’ve heard about from other students and colleagues, I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

Michael Clayborne, EI
The work performed here matches my interests, as it has been my aspiration to work in bridge engineering. Aguirre & Fields has provided me with friendly colleagues & an encouraging environment that foster continued personal and professional growth.
Nathan Idrogo, EIT
Although I learned so much in my time as an intern at Aguirre & Fields, what I learned most was that I wanted to stay here after graduation. I’m glad I did, because I truly enjoy working with the wonderful and nice people here who have helped me along the way.
Lucia Hilario, EIT
There’s not one person I can’t reach out to if I have questions, concerns, or just want a casual conversation. It’s not just a place I come to work, it’s a place where I work alongside people I can call family, on projects that positively impact the communities I know and love.
Cesar Razo, EIT


Internships have been part of Aguirre & Fields’ work culture since our founding. We believe internships play a critical role in developing the next generation of talent in our industry.

As an intern, you’ll have the chance to acquire new practical knowledge every day on real projects. You’ll gain hands-on experience in design and in the field. We will pair you with full-time team members to help you put your education into practice. Our rotation program will give you the chance to work in all disciplines we offer. Most importantly, you’ll have the chance to contribute to our team in a valuable way.

So many of our interns have transitioned smoothly into full-time roles after graduation, having demonstrated their abilities during their college years.

We encourage you to apply no more than 3-4 months prior to the start of the internship period you seek.

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