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Seward Junction Improvements

April 29, 2019 – Williamson County and City of Liberty Hill officials broke ground on improvements for a southern loop around Seward Junction. This project will ease traffic at US 183 and SH 29, impacting 3,400 people daily.  The Southeast section of the loop realigns CR 259 from US 183 on the west to CR 266 on the east and CR 266 from CR 259 north to SH 29.  The Southwest section of the loop extends CR 213 to the south to intersect with US 183 and provide a crossover to CR 259.

Aguirre & Fields performed preliminary design, survey, environmental, public involvement, roadway and bridge design, drainage, water quality, bidding documents, and construction phase services for the Southeast section of the project. The project constructs a new two-lane roadway with two bridges (CR 259) in the ultimate right-of-way for a future six-lane divided facility and a two-lane roadway (CR 266) in the ultimate right-of-way for a future four-lane divided facility. The project includes transitions to ultimate intersections with US 183 and SH 29.  Both sections are anticipated to be complete in early 2020.