CPM Scheduling Project sheets

Our effective CPM services have been used on a wide variety of projects, from small roadway rehabilitations to large, complicated freeway widenings and interchanges. Our certified Planning and Scheduling Professionals (PSPs) and multidiscipline team members have diverse experience in CPM services, including contract time determination (CTD), construction schedules, time impact analysis (TIA), and disputes and claims. Our team has intimate knowledge of construction methods and we use efficient communication plans and innovative processes for timely resolutions to ensure on-time project completion.

Highlighted CPM Scheduling Projects

US 83 Phase 2, Hidalgo County, La Joya, TX

As the Construction Scheduler for this $96 million project, our team provided the Quality Assurance review of the CTD schedule. This multi-lane, controlled-access freeway widening has impacted local communities, metropolitan public transportation, industrial zones, and residential areas.

Our project manager and staff carefully reviewed the project plans and contract documents for compliance with the client’s specifications prior to using Primavera P6 and checking for CPM issues. Utilizing our previous experience on similar projects, we produced an alternative CTD schedule, which was accepted by the client and became part of the bid document. This alternative schedule reduced the contract by 8 months.

US 87, San Antonio, TX

This $3.5 million project restored 0.6 miles of existing roadway along US 87 from I-10 to Rigsby Avenue. The pavement was redesigned prior to project start, which led to a discussion regarding contract time. The pavement section thickness was reduced, and the asphalt type was modified. The contractor submitted a TIA which resulted in the reduction of contract time by one month. Aguirre & Fields served as the Construction Scheduler, completing the baseline review and monitored the monthly updates for this project.

The outstanding work provided by our team resulted in the client requesting additional services. Our team reviewed the contractor’s baseline schedule and continued to provide monthly updates, TIA, and support for the review and settlement of any claims and disputes relating to the project schedule. The client also requested our scheduling services to complete another CTD in Rio Grande City.  

US 90A, Houston, TX

This $3.8 million project included the replacement of a bridge and approaches at Country Club Bayou along US 90A near South Wayside. Aguirre & Fields reviewed and monitored monthly schedule updates for this project.

Our team completed the TIA for a drilled shaft issue. The water table was above the top of shaft elevation which led to the need for the use of casing. This was additional scope for the project. The contractor submitted a TIA for 20 days but did not follow the required specification for this issue. After several rounds of revisions and comments, a TIA was submitted by the contractor.

Aguirre & Fields then performed an independent TIA, utilizing the contractor approved schedule and de-progressing activities, before and after each impact. The delay included 4 schedule impact activities that overlapped each other which made the analysis complex. Based on our TIA, we validated there was indeed a delay and recommended 18 calendar days be added to the contract.