Street corner at Staffordshire Road

The Staffordshire Road project provides greater mobility, improved drainage, and safe access to schools along this stretch of roadway between 5th Street and Scanlin Street in Stafford, TX. The project widened and reconstructed a 2-lane asphalt rural city street to a 4-lane divided concrete curb and gutter urban section.

Considerations for this project included the reconstruction staying within the ROW previously purchased by the City, and the TCP accommodating access to Stafford middle and high schools located within the project limits. All school road intersections were closed at night and constructed with fast track pavement to make sure school traffic was not impeded. Private as well as City of Stafford and City of Missouri City utility relocations we completed prior to construction.

Aguirre & Fields designed the storm sewer trunk-line for the designated design frequency and then upsized to mitigate the extra runoff from the increased impervious area since the environmental document had been cleared and no property adjacent to the project was available for detention. Special junction boxes were designed for the box culvert storm sewer trunk-line to handle junction boxes of different sizes entering from three different sides. Aguirre & Fields also designed special direct-drive junction boxes where the hydraulically mandated flowline of the trunk-line pushed up into the concrete pavement section.

SUV turning on Staffordshire Road
Drainage at on Staffordshire Road
Intersection at on Staffordshire Road
Staffordshire Road with vehicle traffic
Staffordshire Road with vehicle traffic
Staffordshire Road with vehicle traffic
Drainage and drain hole cover at Staffordshire Road
Tuen lane at Staffordshire Road