Aerial view of Ardmore Street Bridge Replacement

State Loop 335 (SL 335) serves as a connection to national and regional corridors as well as local arterials around the City of Amarillo.   The project serves the surrounding communities by increasing mobility; providing corridor redundancy; and providing an additional hazardous cargo route on the southwest side of the City of Amarillo. The project also connects communities as a continuation of an entire SL 335 conversion to a controlled-access freeway facility, allowing uninterrupted traffic flow and safer access to businesses using frontage roads.

SL 335 is being upgraded to a controlled-access freeway facility consisting of mainlanes, ramps, one-way frontage roads with bicycle and pedestrian accommodations, and three-level interchanges (IH 40 East, IH 40 West, IH 27, and US 87). The project is divided into 4 main segments corresponding to the quadrants of the loop.  Aguirre & Fields is performing Construction Engineering Inspection (CEI) services to inspect the construction of the frontage roads and grade separations from West of Coulter to Bell Street (Segment B). Our team’s services consist of inspection for the reconstruction of the IH 27/SL 335 interchange to accommodate turnarounds using precast bridge substructure, construction of a new grade separation at SL 335/Coulter Street, construction of SL 335 mainlanes and frontage roads, and the mill and fill and ramp reversal on IH 27.

Construction view at SL 335 project
Bridge construction at SL 335
Worker inspects construction project at SSL35
Worker navigating crane at Bridge construction at SL 335