SH 152 over Trail Creek Bridge view

In line with their mission to provide a safe, economical, and effective network for their people, commerce, and communities, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) committed to replacing structurally deficient bridges across the state.  SH 152 over Trail Creek was on ODOT’s plan for replacement.

The initial proposal for replacement of the structure considered an integral ODOT standard bridge. A preliminary review revealed that the structure carried a large percentage of heavy trucks.  In addition, geotechnical investigations found a shallow rock foundation. Aguirre & Fields provided solutions for the final proposed bridge which included five beam lines and a traditional deck design. Vertical abutment drilled shafts used in place of battered steel HP piles due to space limitation between the proposed and existing abutments. The design also eliminated short pier columns by extending drilled shafts to support pier caps.

Construction of the bridge and approaches was designed to be performed in one phase on the existing alignment. The project was designed to provide a minimal amount of approach roadway required to tie into the existing pavement while raising the roadway profile grade due to the additional superstructure depth of the replaced bridge structure. Aguirre & Fields successfully kept the project length within the proposed project limits without taking unnecessary right-of-way from surrounding property.

view of SH 152 over Trail Creek
View of columns and bridge SH 152 over Trail Creek
SH 152 road with striping over Trail Creek
SH 152 over Trail Creek