Growth in the areas north and south of this bridge, as well as a future widening project, prompted the replacement of this bridge for safety and mobility of the traveling public.

Aguirre & Fields provided PS&E for the roadway, TCP, bridge, and SWPPP plans. Challenges included a narrow existing ROW, existing 20‐ft roadway width, a future 4‐lane divided urban widening and close coordination with the TxDOT Area Office for the HSIP safety widenings north and south of this project. This coordination resolved a design speed criteria difference, saving an estimated $1.4 million of bridge approach pavement.

Additional highlights included the optimization of TCP alignment to reduce temporary pavement by 268 SY and
permanent pavement by 197 SY from the initial concept and the use of OpenRoads modeling (before 3D was required by TxDOT) to closely coordinate the grading plan with drainage for a complicated Zone AE stream which meandered parallel to the roadway SE of bridge. Aguirre & Fields also planned for future widening by acquiring ROW and applying a single cross slope to the bridge for future crown.