College Street Roundabout with landscaping

The City of Georgetown is brimming with local flavor and architecture. The low-water crossing over the San Gabriel River that runs through a city park needed to be replaced with a structure that would pass the 100-year design storm, provide pedestrian access across the river, and incorporate the local historic aesthetics. 

Aguirre & Fields performed design for the College Street Roundabout that was incorporated into the layout on the north side of the river. The center of the traffic circle became a bio-retention pond improving water run-off quality to meet the requirements of the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone.

Our design also included the award-winning bridge, roadway, pedestrian elements, retaining walls, drainage crossings, and illumination. The design included local architectural features from Southwestern University and local churches which were incorporated into the bridge design aesthetics. Three roadways requiring reconstruction were designed to tie into the new bridge and pedestrian alcoves were integrated on each side of the bridge for pedestrian gatherings and included a beautiful view of the San Gabriel River. Aguirre & Fields received an ACEC Engineering Excellence Award for this project.

round about with landscaping
Roundabout with white truck in circle
Landscaping in roundabout