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Mark Gribble Headshot

Mark Gribble, P.E.

Chief Marketing Officer

A community leader and professional engineer, Mark is a key figure in building relationships and delivering a seamless customer experience for growing communities throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Mark’s keen ability to facilitate discussion and develop innovative solutions helps our communities grow and flourish. 

With his background in design and his extraordinary reputation as a leader and communicator, Mark serves to expand the company’s efforts in relationship development with our valued communities.  Mark takes great pride in delivering a seamless customer experience, ensuring that our communities and industry partners trust us to do what’s right.  He exemplifies our Purpose and Vision, building and growing relationships with communities and people, and doing so with grit and character.  

Mark works closely with communities and community leaders throughout Texas and Oklahoma to assist with charitable events and outreach activities.  He specializes in building community in small groups to help people feel connected.  Mark helps build relationships with our valued communities so that we can serve them to the best of our abilities, deliver on our promises, and make life better for everyday citizens.

Mark is an active member of the community, having served as a chair of several church committees (Finance, Stewardship, Outreach) as well as teaching a financial literacy class at South Main Baptist Church since 2004. He is passionate about family and supporting local businesses. He is a wine connoisseur, enjoys traveling, and has a refined interest in food, whether he is trying new restaurants or cooking for friends.