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Integrity and Service: Pillars of Simeone’s Success

2020 Marks 35 Years of Engineering Experience for Dan Simeone

Hired by Aguirre & Fields in August 2019, Dan Simeone, P.E., senior project manager of roadways, brings with him 35 years of engineering experience across many areas of expertise.

“I’ve performed roadway design, environmental, and site development. However, I’m probably most proud of the utilities work I’ve done in the past, especially in water distribution and wastewater collection,” said Simeone. “I believe one of the reasons I was brought on here at Aguirre & Fields is to help expand the company further into that sector.”Simeone attributes his continued success to values instilled in him as he was growing up.

“My parents always placed a high value on integrity, service, and education,” said Simeone. “It’s just built into who I am. So, if that means putting in the extra work to get something done right, then that’s what I do.”
Simeone also knows the value of humility and does not shy away from asking questions when the need arises.

“I’m a very good listener because I believe I can learn from anybody. I’m not afraid to ask anyone questions, whether they’re graduate engineers or people who have been at this longer than I have,” said Simeone.

Simeone is currently working on:

  • The Greenbusch Road rebuild between Gaston Road and Westheimer Parkway to convert the existing two lane with open ditch into two lane curb and gutter.
  • The Cullen Boulevard Improvement projects to provide new drainage, lighting, landscaping and shared-use paths for walkers and cyclists from South of Wheeler Street to I-45. 
  • The Madera Run Parkway project to construct the northbound half boulevard section of Madera Run Parkway between Kings Parkway and Boundary Waters Lane. The project includes sidewalk extensions, road widening and the construction of a northbound bridge.

His hobbies outside of work include woodworking, furniture restoration, and music production.

He also finds time to serve as a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Sugar Land. He has served on the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Contracts Committee and the Zoning Board of Adjustments for the City of Sugar Land in the past.

“I’ve lived in Sugar Land for 30 years and I’m happy to give back to this community,” said Simeone. “It’s great as a taxpayer to see the level of talent this city has in the people that run it. I told them if I can add anything of value to the process, I’m glad to do it.”

Considering Simeone’s dedication to service, it’s not surprising that he plans on continuing his contributions to communities and has decided that Aguirre & Fields is where he wants to call home until he retires.

“I’ve worked at many firms and I’ve seen the widest spectrum of workplace culture and values you can imagine,” said Simeone. “By far, Aguirre & Fields is the finest firm I’ve worked for because of the value they place on every employee that walks through their door.”