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Forest Hill Bridge Replacement

August 21, 2019 –Reducing the risk of flooding along 31 miles of Brays Bayou in Houston, TX, the Brays Bayou Flood Damage Reduction Project, commonly known as Project Brays, is a $480 million cooperative effort between the Harris County Flood Control District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Impacting an estimated 500 people per day, the Forest Hill Bridge project involved the design and construction management for the replacement of a 61-year old neighborhood bridge that connects communities and provides safe passage for pedestrians and for children walking to and from a local elementary school.

Aguirre & Fields designed and managed the construction of the bridge, making it higher, longer, and wider to increase storm water conveyance. The new two-lane bridge was raised approximately 20 inches and was designed with two sets of columns versus three. These design improvements increased the cross-section for water flow, providing less physical blockage for debris in the bayou during rain events. In addition to two travel lanes for cars, the new Forest Hill Bridge was widened to include a sidewalk on one side and a separated two-way bike lane on the other side.