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February 21, 2019 – Chief Executive Officer Oscar R. Aguirre, P.E. announced today that David J. Lubitz, P.E. will assume the role of President and Mark D. Gribble, P.E. will assume the role of Chief Marketing Officer for Aguirre & Fields.

In the 20 years Aguirre has been at Aguirre & Fields, the company has grown from a small, 6-person engineering firm with partner Richard Fields (retired) to a firm of 118 employees. Aguirre helped lay the foundation for this unique company whose culture is focused on strong character, service, and bettering communities. As CEO, he has led the company to successfully broaden its brand portfolio.

“Dave has been an instrumental leader in our growth and in shaping the future at Aguirre & Fields; a future where we aspire to be entrusted by the communities where we live and work; a future where we focus on innovation; a future where we enable prosperity and growth. Dave has proven his talents through the leadership of our services including community planning, transportation engineering, construction engineering inspection, and civil engineering. He has provided passion, vision, and readiness to lead our organization and focus on our long-term strategic vision,” Aguirre said.

“I am honored, and it is a great privilege for the opportunity to lead Aguirre & Fields into our next chapter, building on our values of serving and bettering our communities and of taking care of our people. Oscar has been a trusted mentor and partner and my intention is to lead this company with the care, drive, and passion that Oscar has modeled for years,” said Lubitz.

Lubitz joined the firm in 2009 as a project manager and structural engineer with leadership responsibility for communities in Central Texas. He is currently the incoming Chair of the Central Texas Board for the American Council of Engineering Companies of Texas, advancing and protecting the interests of the consulting engineering community.

As the Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Gribble will use his extraordinary reputation as a leader, communicator, and engineer to expand the company’s efforts in relationship development with our valued communities.

“Mark’s leadership has significantly impacted our ability to build relationships and transform our brand into what it is today,” said Aguirre. “He takes great pride in delivering a seamless customer experience, ensuring that our communities and industry partners trust us to do what’s right. Mark exemplifies the purpose and vision of our company, building and growing relationships with communities and people, and doing so with grit and character.”

Gribble joined the firm in 2000 as an Engineer-in-Training for transportation engineering projects across Texas. He currently works closely with communities and community leaders throughout Texas and Oklahoma to organize and assist with charitable events and outreach activities.

About Aguirre & Fields
Celebrating their 20th Anniversary, Aguirre & Fields is a team of engineering innovators with grit and character, united by a passion to serve communities where they live and work and a determination to see those communities grow and flourish. Aguirre & Fields is entrusted by communities across Texas and Oklahoma to create and implement solutions for community planning, transportation engineering, construction engineering inspection, and civil engineering, making life better for everyday citizens. The company employs 118 people and has offices in Sugar Land, Austin, Fort Worth, and Oklahoma City, and construction engineering professionals across Texas and Oklahoma.

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