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November 05, 2019 – Aguirre & Fields, a leading engineering company in Texas and Oklahoma, is pleased to announce the appointment of two new partners, Rick Carle, P.E. and Roger Lee.

Rick and Roger are key contributors to the company’s success and are passionate about Aguirre & Fields’ people and future. Both have excelled in their contribution to the company’s growth and as respected experts in their fields.  As partners, they will continue to demonstrate and support Aguirre & Fields’ Purpose and Vision. 

Rick Carle

Rick Carle, P.E.

Rick joined the company in 2013. Practicing 21 years in transportation engineering, Rick leverages his diverse experience along with his strengths in communication and leadership to guide and support project teams to deliver on our promises. Rick cares deeply about how communities are affected by the work done at Aguirre & Fields. He is forward-thinking and his love of technology, including 3D modeling, allows him to push boundaries when serving our communities.

Roger Lee

Roger Lee

Roger joined the company in 2016. His passion for innovation and technology led him to co-found a hosting company in 1999, pioneering what is known today as the Cloud. As our Chief Technology Officer, Roger enjoys influencing technology advancement at Aguirre & Fields and strives to pave the way to new ground-breaking solutions. He is committed to identifying smarter solutions and to delivering innovative services to our communities.

Additionally, Rick Carle will assume the role of Director of Transportation for Aguirre & Fields. Rick’s passion for project design and meeting client needs makes him a perfect fit for this role. Rick looks forward to focusing on project involvement while continuing to implement innovative strategies to help our communities grow and flourish.

Please join us in congratulating Rick and Roger!

About Aguirre & Fields
Celebrating their 20th Anniversary, Aguirre & Fields is a team of engineering innovators with grit and character, united by a passion to serve communities where they live and work and a determination to see those communities grow and flourish. Aguirre & Fields is entrusted across Texas and Oklahoma to create and implement solutions for community planning, transportation engineering, construction engineering inspection, and civil engineering, making life better for everyday citizens. The company employs 129 people and has offices in Sugar Land, Austin, Fort Worth, and Oklahoma City, and construction engineering professionals across Texas and Oklahoma.

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