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Aguirre & Fields Announces New Director of Construction Services

Aguirre & Fields, a leading engineering company in Texas and Oklahoma, is pleased to announce Michael R. Steward, Jr., P.E. as Director of Construction Services.

“I’m extremely humbled and excited about this new opportunity to serve our group at a higher level,” says Steward. “I’m passionate about taking care of our folks and operations.”

Until recently, CEI Project Manager Paul Hoelscher, P.E. held the role. In order to spend more time with his family, he decided to move to part-time status, but will support Mike through the transition.

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“Mike is a talented individual who has the knowledge, skills, and energy to move the CEI program forward,” says Hoelscher. “I have no doubt that he will accomplish great things.”

As Director of Construction Services, Steward will oversee the day-to-day operations of the CEI group, while building and managing cohesive teams and assessing performance.

“In addition to providing our team with high quality PPE and reliable, well-maintained vehicles, my role will focus on ensuring our folks have all the tools, training, and support they need to be successful in the field daily,” says Steward.

Steward joined our CEI group in November 2016. He has served as PM on several projects, including the I-27/SL 335 Interchange in the TxDOT Amarillo District. Prior to joining Aguirre & Fields, he worked at TxDOT in the El Paso and Odessa Districts, serving as an engineer on the I-10/SL 375 Interchange in El Paso, among other projects.

Throughout his time with the company, he has taken on an increasing amount of responsibilities, having served as Deputy Director of Construction Services and currently serving as both a Project Manager and TxDOT CEI Community Lead.

“Part of making sure that our folks have the support that they need to do their jobs in the field consists of winning them work,” says Steward. “So, continuing to build and foster relationships with clients is crucial in providing that support and ensuring we are able to realize our vision of being entrusted by communities throughout Texas and Oklahoma.”