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Aguirre & Fields Announces New Community Leads

Aguirre & Fields, a leading engineering company in Texas and Oklahoma, is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Community Leads.

Eugene Lee, P.E., who currently serves as Aguirre & Fields Structures Group Lead, will assume the role of Community Lead – TxDOT Design, while CEI Project Manager Michael Steward, Jr., P.E. will take on the role of Community Lead – TxDOT CEI.

As community leads, Lee and Steward will procure work and play vital roles in helping Aguirre & Fields realize their vision to be entrusted by communities to provide infrastructure solutions, protect quality of life, and enable prosperity and growth.

“Ultimately, it’s about providing the safest and most durable end product for the traveling public,” says Lee.

“These new positions help us more effectively live our purpose and vision,” adds Steward. “We have one team, one goal: the success of our company. I’m looking forward to working with Eugene to accomplish what we are setting out to do.”

Both Lee and Steward have had extensive TxDOT experience throughout their careers.

“I have a great level of respect for what TxDOT does and their vision to have zero deaths on Texas roads by 2050,” says Lee. “There are so many accidents on Texas roads right now that can be avoided. Our goal is to bring that number down by prioritizing safety and efficiency in everything we design.”

“I worked for TxDOT for six years, establishing trust among the people that work there,” says Steward. “Our success has a lot to do with that trust—trust that we’re going to put forth our best effort, that we are going to draw on our best resources, and that we are going to do everything we can as a team to ensure the successful completion of the project.”

Lee and Steward have proven to be stalwart Aguirre & Fields advocates, replete with leadership and character qualities that will serve them well in forging and fortifying the relationships necessary for success in their newly assigned roles.

“I’m very competitive,” says Lee. “I have my eyes set on the long term, and I’m making sure that we set realistic goals for successful procurements. Doing so will take a lot of grit, because grit is all about focusing on long term goals, while doing everything you can in the interim to help you achieve those goals.”

“We can’t get too comfortable, even with the districts we have built great relationships with,” adds Steward. “If other firms are smashing down their door, but we’re not bringing it at that same level, we risk losing that job. In order to build lasting relationships with our clients, we need to serve with integrity every day, and part of that means giving it our all every day too.”