us 84 super 2

coryell & mclennan counties, Texas

This 10.6 mile stretch of US84 in Coryell and McLennan Counties, west of Waco, Texas, is generally flat to rolling terrain and is surrounded by primarily agricultural land use.  This long stretch of two-lane highway has seen an increased traffic volume over the years, making passing difficult, and leading to increased accident rates.  TxDOT was asked to improve the highway safety without increasing capacity by widening the highway to add alternating passing lanes, called a Super 2.

For this project, Aguirre & Fields planned four passing areas, two in each direction, ranging in length from 1.3 miles to 2.2 miles in length, for a total of 6.9 miles of passing lanes along the 10.6 mile highway.  In order to get the most out of the State’s budget, only the areas where widening was proposed were surveyed.  This reduced the cost, and the amount of time necessary for field reconnaissance.  The State also required that two lanes of traffic, one in each direction, remain open at all times during construction, which required detailed attention to the Traffic Control Plan.

The addition of the Super 2 passing lanes required widening existing pavement, with careful attention to matching existing roadway cross slopes.  The pavement widening required the extension of numerous existing cross culverts, which were fully analyzed and modeled to ensure no impact to upstream property.  Several safety improvements were incorporated into the project, including upgrading existing Metal Beam Guard Fence to the new 31” standard height.  Left turn lanes with the appropriate storage and deceleration lengths were added at all state highway intersections, and right turn lane acceleration/deceleration lanes were added where appropriate for further increased safety.