US 59 at Fountainview auxiliary ramp

harris county, Texas

Aguirre & Fields managed the widening of this existing freeway facility to provide an auxiliary lane along US 59 SW Freeway (NB) from the Fountainview entrance ramp to west of IH 610. The project scope included widening the US 59 SW Freeway (NB) bridge over Chimney Rock Road, modifying the Chimney Rock entrance ramp east of Chimney Rock Road, reconstructing one lane of the US 59 SW Freeway frontage road to replace the drainage trunkline, removing and replacing high-mast lighting and updating the signing/striping. The project construction cost was $4.5M.

Aguirre & Fields’ duties for the project included daily management of four subconsultants, continuous communication with the TxDOT PM, monthly progress meetings with various members of TxDOT’s staff, invoicing, progress reports, and updating the design schedule. The firm also coordinated the preliminary Traffic Control Plan submittals with the TCP subconsultant and led the Safety Review Team Meeting in order to facilitate overall project completion. Additionally, Aguirre & Fields helped coordinate utility meetings at 30%, 60% and 90% completion levels. We ensured that the QA/QC program was followed by internal and subconsultant design staffs, and coordinated the submittal of those QA/QC redlines to TxDOT as required.

Aguirre & Fields completed all the paperwork and exhibits necessary for two design exceptions involving the vertical curvature and lane widths. There was not an opportunity to deviate from the existing condition, which did not meet the design speed, without reconstructing the entire NB freeway. 

Aguirre & Fields helped coordinate the special high mast illumination foundations needed to avoid a utility conflict with existing City of Houston sanitary sewer and waterlines. A subsurface utility investigation was contracted by TxDOT and actual field measurements on the depths and horizontal locations of the utilities were found. A regular 60” drilled shaft foundation would conflict with both existing utilities. Aguirre & Fields, as the prime engineer, took on the task of designing a special spread footing for the high mast illumination pole. We filled out the FAA Form 7460 notifying pilots of the alteration of the high mast locations due to the project proximity to local heliports. Aguirre & Fields also wrote the Road Closure letters to be sent to the local police, fire and EMS regarding the Chimney Rock Road closure for overhead bridge operations. We coordinated the input of the estimate into TxDOT’s DCIS system as well as the specifications, special provisions, special specifications, and a force account to cover law enforcement costs during traffic control. We aided the TxDOT PM with filling in the Form 1002 as well as giving justification for why the project estimate was greater than 10% more than the programmed dollar amount. We gave TxDOT a letter stating all the certifications (ROW, Relocation, Utility Status, and Encroachments) were clear. 

Aguirre & Fields handled the distribution of all TxDOT comments as well as coordinated the responses to those comments with documentation of each response in writing. The Mylar submittal was sent to TxDOT approximately two weeks early to accommodate the TxDOT’s schedule.          


The City of Houston waterline created an issue for the construction of the ramp. The waterline could not be moved, so in order to save time and money, Aguirre & Fields designed a special footing foundation for one of the high mast illumination poles. This resulted in money saved for the client.