us 281 at lost creek

fort worth, Texas

Aguirre & Fields managed the replacement of an existing bridge facility and approaches on US 281 in Jacksboro’s business district for the TxDOT FTW District. The project scope included environmental, survey, ROW, utility coordination, drainage, roadway design, hydrology and hydraulics, signing and striping, TCP, SW3P, bridge layout and design details, retaining walls, pedestrian elements and construction phase services. The construction cost for the project was $2.2M.

Aguirre & Fields was responsible for day-to-day management of four subconsultants, continuous communication with the TxDOT PM, progress meetings with various members of TxDOT’s staff and team task leaders, invoicing, progress reports, and updating the design schedule. We coordinated the preliminary Traffic Control Plan submittals and ensured that the QA/QC program was followed by internal and sub-consultant design staffs.

Additionally, Aguirre & Fields completed all the paperwork and exhibits necessary for a design exception for the cross slope of the facility on a curve given the site constraints. The firm filled out the Request for Design Exceptions and also included pictures and captions to help illustrate the reasoning behind why the design exception was necessary and should be approved. We also filled out the Request for Construction Speed Zone (Form 1204) and submitted the required exhibits. Additionally, Aguirre & Fields coordinated the two temporary construction easements (one for the work done on the Dairy Land parking lot and one for the sidewalk connecting to a city park) needed on this project. Lastly, we provided TxDOT with a letter stating all the certifications (ROW, relocation, utility status, and encroachments) were clear for construction.


The proposed abutments were placed in front of the existing abutments to provide a shorter bridge structure, as a result, the construction costs were lowered significantly.