turtle creek drive

missouri city, Texas

Aguirre & Fields was responsible for the reconstruction of 4,700 feet of residential subdivision street. The project included replacing the bridge over Mustang Bayou and re-alignment of the road to better serve the City park system. We developed an array of options to reduce the number of pedestrian/vehicle interactions. Aguirre & Fields managed all aspects of the project including the traffic control plan to handle traffic with a phased construction, the horizontal alignment, and vertical profile of the roadway, and storm sewer design.  We also managed the overall efforts on the typical sections, roadway plan & profiles, drainage calculations, drainage plan & profiles, horizontal alignment data sheets, bridge layout, signing and striping, storm water pollution prevention plan and roadway cross sections.

Aguirre & Fields designed the traffic control plans to be completed in 3 phases.  Phase 1 consisted of construction the new relocated portion of the roadway around the park.  Phase 2 and 3 comprised of constructing the roadway in halves.  The half of the roadway open to traffic was made to be a one-way street with a detour.  Aguirre & Fields designed the horizontal alignment and vertical profile of the roadway to meet 30 mph design.  The drainage design was also performed by Aguirre & Fields.  All drainage facilities were designed for a 2-year storm and checked for a 10-year storm. 

 A cost saving measure performed for this project included using the existing storm sewer trunk line.  This was achieved by determining if the proposed roadway runoff could be stored in the existing storm sewer trunk line.  Aguirre & Fields also designed the vertical alignment to optimize the amount of inlets needed to adequately drain the roadway.