independence blvd over gcwa canal

missouri city, Texas

Aguirre & Fields produced Plans, Specifications and an Estimate (PS&E) to City of Missouri City standards for converting approximately 1700 feet of a two-lane section of rural roadway into a concrete 5-lane curb and gutter facility. The project scope required roadway and bridge design for a structure crossing the GCWA Canal, bridge layouts, access to the GCWA Canal, retaining wall layouts, design Geopak cross sections, earthwork calculations, drainage structures, signing and striping, installation of 400’ of water line, and a detour plan. This project also necessitated extensive coordination with the canal authority in that the storm sewer boxes had to be constructed beneath the canal during the canal diversion. During construction phase services, the contractor did not replace the canal bottom with the clay material that was previously there and the boxes started taking on water from the canal above. The contractor had also racked the boxes during installation due to an error in the placement early on. Aguirre & Fields gave the City several options (expanding foam, wrapping box culvert joints with impermeable materials, replacing canal bed with clay material) to resolve the issue.

The alignment study portion of the project determined the best overall alignment considering future use of large parcels of land, neighborhood access, school operations and access, and construction cost. Aguirre & Fields developed alternatives for consideration by Council. After a preferred alternative was determined and selected, we developed a schematic design to complete the facility.