FM 60

burleson county, Texas

Aguirre & Fields managed the reconstruction of approximately three miles of a rural two-lane highway into a four-lane divided highway including a ditch median between the roadways. The project scope included roadway, bridge layouts and design details, crossover intersection and design cross sections, earthwork calculations, drainage structures, and PS&E for the four-lane divided section and four bridges. We also oversaw the raising of all four lanes approximately 3’ due to local flooding. The construction cost for the project was $7.5M.

Our duties included day to day management of three sub-consultants and internal personnel, continuous communication with the TxDOT PM, progress meetings with various members of TxDOT’s staff, invoicing, progress reports, and updating the design schedule. Aguirre & Fields ensured that the QA/QC program was followed by internal and sub-consultant design staffs.

Our project tasks included designing detour pavement transitions (70 mph design speed) to connect traffic between existing pavement and pavement built in Phase I. We provided TxDOT with a letter stating all the certifications (ROW, relocation, utility status, and encroachments) were clear for construction. We also coordinated utilities throughout the project limits.

The firm also designed the roadway geometry, including several left-turn lanes.

Aguirre & Fields calculated earthwork quantities and designed roadway ditch grading and cross sections, bridge geometry for channel skew, and flow elevations. We determined that some of the median drainage would need to be piped to the outside ditches in order to maintain ditch flow and meet sideslope requirements. Aguirre & Fields calculated quantities for the roadway-related construction items and developed a construction estimate.