fairmont parkway (phase 3) over armand bayou

harris county, Texas

Aguirre & Fields was asked by Harris County to design the this phase of the widening of Fairmont Parkway. The firm first performed a condition survey to determine if the existing bridges were in good condition to remain in service. After analysis, it was determined that the bridges could be widened instead of replaced.

The existing 3-span, 100’ long pan-girder structure (30’-40’-30’) was widened on both sides with box beam (B20) and slab beam (SB15) superstructures and single column concrete bent on a drilled shaft substructure. The three-phase project construction used a combination of low-profile concrete barrier and traffic barrels for traffic control.

Construction of the widening was done while maintaining a minimum of one traffic lane open at all times. The cost of widening was approximately a third of the estimated cost of replacement.