IH 610 to sh 288 director connector

houston, Texas

The IH610/SH288 Director Connector project consisted of the reconstruction for a ¼ mile of the at-grade connector from IH 610 eastbound to SH 288 southbound in Houston. TxDOT had received feedback from the Texas Medical Center that thousands of their employees use this route daily and that the existing one-lane connector was a choke point for motorists. To fix this issue Aguirre & Fields was brought on to widened the connector from one lane to two lanes to improve the function of the direct connector.  

Aguirre & Fields analyzed the drainage patterns and the extra impervious cover involved with widening the facility and found that there was no significant impact to the drainage. The existing roadway was a mixture of concrete with asphalt shoulders. Aguirre & Fields evaluated the pavement to determine salvage potential for future use and worked with TxDOT to find cost-effective solutions. The traffic control plan called for traffic to be shifted over onto the shoulder so the facility could be built one portion at a time. The existing asphalt shoulders were not in very good driving condition, so Aguirre & Fields designed a mill and replacement pavement section for the interim condition. This project was designed under an accelerated schedule and was let for construction under budget.